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Louisville, KY


Call now for your storage needs!

Storage trailer rentals are a great way to add more space at your business!

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Our trailer rentals will save you up to 80% compared to traditional road trailer rental suppliers. 

Did you know that a semi-trailer can provide up to 425 square feet of floor space for storage of your overstock or inventory.  By renting storage trailers on a temporary basis, you can add space when you need it for overflow of your stock without any major long-term contracts or commitments.

We have been helping businesses with their storage needs for almost 40 years!

We deliver and pick-up the trailers for your convenience, but we also move trailers on your site or even for short local runs if needed.  If you have trailers you need moved, or even local freight you need hauled, give us a call and we can help you out with our cartage division.

Storage Trailers are great for freeing up warehouse space!
What are the benefits?